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Lasercut coasters

Back in 2016, I was embarking on my third and final attempt to build my Mechanical Camera. Previously I had been trying to build it using Traditional woodworking and Steel welding. It's obvious in retrospect but after these projects were finished, I realized that I needed better precision. The only thing accessible to me which was going to give me what I needed was the laser cutter. Before embarking on the camera though, I needed a simple starter project. One thing I had been lacking for a long time were coasters. Lucky for me, they also happen to be very easy to make. Something needed to go on them and I've always loved maps so mapping out places where I had lived. The third or forth attempt looked fantastic and people seemed to like them so I took a leap and started an Etsy shop. Nine sales later and I realized that the time I was putting into the laying out, cutting, sanding, treating, & mailing would never be worth what I could sell them for. Still, this was the first time I ever made for money for something I created so I felt pretty good about it!

Coasters on the table